Classic Huntsville Bungalow - Living Room & Dining Room

Victoria skillfully transformed this classic downtown Huntsville Bungalow into a haven of simplicity, cleanliness, and airiness. In the living room, a tasteful combination of our sally swivel chairs and an elegant white sofa creates a harmonious ambiance. The fireplace is beautifully accentuated with a stunning gold fireplace screen, adding a touch of luxury to the space.
Grounding the room is our exquisite Evelina coffee table, adorned with the Golden Reflections Tray, a collection of captivating coffee table books, and an abstract white bowl.
Moving into the foyer, Victoria curated a warm and inviting entryway featuring a stylish chest, complemented by captivating artworks and our elegant round Emerald gold mirror. To complete the space, a playful lamp, carefully selected accent books, and our lifelike faux orchid add the finishing touches of charm and elegance.
Stepping into the elegant dining room of this charming downtown Huntsville Bungalow, Victoria has masterfully crafted a space that beckons the family to savor every moment. The centerpiece, our exquisite Rosemary Dining Table, promises to be a hub of convivial gatherings for years to come. With dining chairs adorned with casters, comfort seamlessly combines with convenience, inviting you to relish the ambiance.
A captivating bar cart, as delightful as it is functional, contributes not only to libations but also adds an artistic touch to the room's allure. The mirror and console arrangement nestled between the windows creates a breathtaking focal point, while the equilibrium of the room is gracefully achieved through the cabinet and artwork ensemble. This ensemble doesn't just serve as an inviting display for delectable treats, but also provides ample storage to keep the room uncluttered and organized.
Can you envision hosting cherished friends and beloved family members around this splendid table within the comforts of your own abode?